April 4, 2009

the night of nights

Firstly, let me just take some space to wish my baby a very happy month-sary! It has been great so far, and you have been amazing :)


we're getting ready for the night of nights, tomorrow's nottingham's annual dinner

tux, dress, shoes, accessories, yada yada yada...all checked!

I think we're almost ready :)

Sean got rid of his thick african grassy hair today, then I got my sister to perform experiments on my head. After all the last minute shopping and tryouts...

...we rewarded ourselves with SS2's super yummy kam heong sotong rice for dinner.

I guess we both are a little clueless about this whole prom thing. After all, it is our first time attending a prom, which has always been a dream for me. I have always wanted to attend my high school's prom, and dreamt of being prom queen even, but I missed it for some reason. So thanks babe for insisting to taking me for this one so I can have a taste of what it's like to walk down the ballroom carpet and probably have a dance with you, eventhough my friends around me that have attended numerous proms say that they are plain common and boring. I am still looking forward to it :) as long as I am with you.

God please let it be good, Sean and I broke a few teeth and made holes in a couple of pockets for this one.

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