April 12, 2009

david archuleta LIVE in Malaysia

So David Archuleta's album promo performance was yesterday. To cut things short, he was just amazinggg. Period.

No doubt that fair, petite cute little shorty sings like an angel. All the long walking, long waiting, under the hot sun, under the stormy rain...was it worth it? It definitely was.
(like duh...after all the phone calls, begging, lining up, travelling all around just to get his tickets)

Some snippets:

Although we waited like God knows how many hours just to hear him sing 6 songs in less than half an hour, I am honoured to have heard him sing live. My favourite performance was A Thousand Miles while he was playing the keyboard at the same time, awesome stuff.

Songs performed:
1. A Little Too Not Over You
2. Touch My Hands
3. Don't Let Go
4. Crush
5. A Thousand Miles (accompanied by keyboard)
6. Angels (accompanied by keyboard)

Uhh, I am still in awe of him.

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