February 6, 2009

Two of You.

Dear Pui Mun and Winney,

I don't know what has gotten into my head. You guys must be wondering why too, but...I miss you both really badly right now.

It is true that you will only learn how to appreciate something good after you have lost it. It's not that i've lost the both of you, but things are so different now after secondary school. My life has been so different now that the both of you are rarely seen in the picture. Now that is, I never realize how much you both meant to me.

Our story began like this...

I remember the time where the 3 of us met in secondary 1 during our very first chinese class when we were all sitting separately because we barely knew anyone. Winney and myself got to know each other first. Winney was the very friendly girl who automatically came up to us and tried to be friendly with us. I thought she was a desperate freak back then. Then I got to know Pui Mun a little later through a friend named Nicole. The three of us weren't that close to each other at that time.

In secondary 2, Winney and myself were placed in the same class. We sat side by side throughout the year and got so close that we even got "married". We made a marriage certificate for ourselves. I remember how we used to talk so much in class, and at times when we couldn't talk, we would just write and pass notes to each other. By the end of the year, our stack of chatterbox notes were probably 100 pages or so. We even won the "closest pair" award in class.

I got placed in the same class with Pui Mun in secondary 3. We couldn't sit next to each other in class but that didn't stop us from getting close. I remember once when I was in a very bad mood in school, Pui Mun came over to ask me what's wrong and I simply brushed her off by saying, "Don't get close to me if you wanna die, just leave me alone." yet she still tried to comfort me with Winney after that and that incident never left me even till now. Later on, I "married" Pui Mun and she got "married" to Winney. This intermarriage thing is a little complicated only the 3 of us know what's going on.

I miss those times where we would skip classes to go to each other's classroom just to gossip around and we spent every recess together. We joined the same clubs and we have passion for the similar things. We would never fail to perform and sing together as well, excluding the time where Pui Mun got her braces done. We would also go to either Pui Mun or Valerie's house ALL THE TIME to either talk or blast the music and sing aloud as if we're super stars.

Winney has always been the sentimental one. She enjoys taking her time to write really long letters and decorate really nice presents, cards and photoframes for us.

Pui Mun has always been the caring one. She always lends her friends a shoulder to lean on and an ear (2 ears actually) to contain their sorrows and happiness.

And me? I was the least sentimental and caring one. I never did appreciate you both as much as you guys did and I hate myself for that.

These are a few of the little things that remind me of you both:

Card made by Winney not the Pooh.

Small notes you both wrote for me on Friendship Week 2006 that have never left my purse since then.

You guys even think of me when you all are on vacation.

You guys have showered me with so many things. Seriously, if I could dig and find everything out, I would need to buy a house to keep all of it.

Both of you have always been patient with me and tolerated my straight forward character as much as it has hurt you both. I love you both very much because you both accept me for who I am and have always made yourselves available for me. I may not be you both's best friend, but the truth is that both of you are best friends to me. It has always been that way, and I hope that it will always be that way. After all, till death do us three apart.

This was taken in high school, where me and Win went for a chinese calligraphy competition.

Pui Mun was always camera shy. This is a photo of her wearing my collection of rings back then.

OMG. This was taken in secondary 3 when I still had my lemon head.


Xjion89 said...

omg, best friends are forever! Very gan ren. I miss my friends toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Btw, tat is not a lemon head. It is a coconut head or mangkuk head.!hahaha(^^)

Eileen D said...

Yeaaa...it's great to have best friends like them, hehe. And it is lemon head btw, I remember I told the aunty who cut my hair back then I want lemon style. Lol.

winney said...

lou poh:
omg...really touched...*but tears hvnt drop yet*cuz tie ren oways stand s till the very last min...
b4 this,i oways ask myself,y am i so lousy,oways the one left out with u,din really care bt what'd happened ard u when i'm not by ur side.then when we meet up,i'm the one like dunno what to talk abt...
i thought,really thought that we might be bit strange everytime we met..but u knw,sumtimes,word r hard to say out...
i really love u too mu dear fren...
becuz i hv the same feeling as u,as how i appreciate u two as my best-est wives in this world..miss u!!!
take care k?hope to c u soon...anything juz come to me,ur lao gong oways here with u..=)

*love u*
PS:my hairstyle...omg...-_-

Michelle said...

Lao Po is here to give you a big fat hug.

=P Don't doubt on your position in our hearts. You've always been the unique and wonderful 'husband' that shines.

' It has always been that way, and I hope that it will always be that way. After all, till death do us three apart.'

Yeap. Till death do us three apart.

Heart you.

Eileen D said...


sN@iL0810 said...

omg! this is so not like pui mun, she is so cute back then!
erm....and she is.....now....prettier

anyway, i am her new fren here, link here link there found ur blog :P
have a nice day!