January 19, 2009


OMG! It's finally overrr...

"It" referring to my end of semester examination.

I'm currently on recovery mode. I have been practising an extremely abnormal lifestyle throughout the exam period. If you see the condition I am in right now, you'd understand what i'm talking about. I have zits all over my forehead, and I think i've put on around 3-5kgs. Argh. I've been eating like a man. I never fail to eat double the portion of the food I used to be eating before the exam period started, and i'm talking about every single meal! This tends to happen to me during every single examination period. Only this time is worse, I was suffering from major migraines and a toothache =( and I am so very deprived of sleep.

However, I was very determined to work out right after the exams. I'm so proud of myself that I made it happen today. Weee. My last paper was in the morning, and instead of sleeping all day after the paper like I said I would, I went for a run in the evening. Thanks to Mich who ditched me to sleep all day, SeanO was forced to run with me. We ran 5 rounds around the lake in Uni. We also fed expired bread to the Nottingham ducks, and they are oh soo cuteee...

So is he. Look at how the ducks are attracted to him - SeanO a.k.a Ape Man.

Anyways, I really hope I can make it through this semester, despite well or not well. My resolutions for this new year, or pretty much for the next semester really are:

1. To be on time for every lecture.

2. To make the library my new hang out place after classes everyday.

3. To work out for atleast 30 minutes every weekday.

4. To eat healthy and on time.

5. To practice good sleeping habits.

And the list goes on and on...but basically, to live a typical healthy student life. Haha. Don't laugh! I really am gonna try. You'll see.


Michelle Eliza said...

sorryyy!! was sean's fault cos he didn't wake me up! ehehe >.< next time we run 10 rounds la k! if i don't end up fainting la. heehee

Eileen D said...

Haha, i'm holding on to your word! 10 rounds it is then. I'll kill you if you ditch me again :P